A power-packed series on the vital and intricate details of faith.  These courses are absolutely a neccesity for any Christian who is serious about his walk with the Lord or the development of his faith.

  • The first installment in a four part series on the Dynamics of Faith.  This course introduces the believer to faith.

  • The second installment of the Dynamics of Faith Courses, entitled Walking By Faith.  In this lesson, students will learn to how access the "force of faith" and to increase their faith.

      In this lesson students will learn:

    • what faith is not
    • what the force of faith is
    • the difference between faith and hope
    • what real Bible faith is
    • how to overcome the world by faith
  • This course discusses the importance of wisdom as it applies to the believer's propserity. The student will gain:

    • -an understanding of the difference between God's prosperity and the world's prosperity
    • -a biblical definition of prosperity
    • -the spirutal laws that govern propserity

    and much more! This course is a must for every believer.




    offers over 50 quality distance education courses designed to give a solid foundation upon which you may build a solid faith in God!  Whether you are a pastor, Bible teacher or just searching for God and truth, there are trustworthy study resources here that will prove to be an asset to both your personal and ministry use.

    You can study online, print out your courses, or do a combination of both. You decide which method best suits your learning style.  People from almost every walk of life visit our site to search the Bible for answers to life's questions and issues and to pursue their relationship with God. 

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