This is a study of “God's Present Dealings with Man". This courses deals with the Dispensation of Grace, inclusive of 18 lessons that discuss foundational topics such as: The New Testament Church, Faith, Sin, The Doctrine, Deity, Giftings, and Fruits of the Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of Heaven, Eternal Security and much more!

  • This course is a discourse on the Dispensation of Grace. This course discusses topics pertaining to this dispensation such as its:

    • -definition
    • -benefits
    • -fullness
    • -length
    • -test
    • -purpose

    It also discusses the failure of men during this dispensation, as well God's judgment upon men in this dispensation.

    • This is a study on the program for the Modern church. This course explains topics such as its:

      • -what the New Testament program for the modern church is
      • -what power every believer in christ should possess
      • -what doctrines and experiences the New Testament church rarely display

      It also discusses questions that the modern church must answer.

    • This is an indepth study on the Lord Jesus Christ as the manifestation of the Invisible God among men. Topics of discussion include the Pre-existence of Christ, the Deity of Christ, the Humanity of Christ, the Two Natures of Jesus Christ and the "kenosis" of Christ..
    • This an indepth study about the Authority of the Believer. In this unit leson we discuss the definition of agency and power of attorney while giving biblical evidences of the Christian's power of attorney and how to exercise that power.
    • This course is a discussion on the topic of sin, moral law, and moral government. This course also addresses several pertinent questions on the Doctrine of Sin such as the following:

      • -What are the effects of sin?
      • -Are all carnal acts sin?
      • -Can man get rid of sin by himself?
      • -Is man dnamned only for rejecting Christ?
      • -How many sins does it take to damn the soul?

    • In the previous course, the student should of gained a full understanding of the bible Doctrine of Sin. This course will deal with man's redemption from both sin and sickness. The student who diligently completes this couse should be able to:

      • -recognize the cause of all sin and sickness
      • -identify what must be done to be saved (born-again)
      • -know how to get healed
      • -understand their identification with Christ

      The student will learn how Christ conquered sin, sickness, and Satan; so he or she may be able to so as well.

    • The Holy Spirit is pictured in Scripture as God, as a real person separate and distinct from both the Father and the Son. He is an individual member of the Godhead or deity, and He has a separate body, soul, and spirit from both the Father and the Son. This course is an in-depth study on the deity, personality, identity of the Holy Spirit and much, much more!.

    • When we say that God is our Father and that we are His children, we mean that God has not only accepted us but that He has endued us with power to become the sons of God with power to represent Him in the world as He would represent Himself. As children of God, we are partakers of the supernatural and divine power that belongs to God.  This lesson is a discourse on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit that we have a right to possess as children of God.

    • The course is a discourse on the doctrine of the trinity.  In this course, there will be evidence given that proves that there are three distinct persons in the Godhead.

    • This is an in-depth study on faith and the importance of the believer possessing faith in order to attain to all the known needs of life.

    • This course is discussion on the New Testament Church and its workings in this age.

    • In this lesson, students will discover several truths about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and its necessity for today's believer.

    • An in-depth look at the Kingdom of Heaven parables and the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

    • A comparison and contrast between the Old covenant and New covenant with a historical look at the institution of the Sabbath Day of worship argument.

    • A study of the redemptive acts and processes of salvation. Areas of discussion include: the righteousness of God, reconciliation, calling and election.

    • A study on the Biblical usage and definition of sanctification through examination on the proof of progressive sanctification; as well as a look at fallacies and truths about sanctification.

    • Involves a discussion of the questions surrounding eternal security.  A look at false theories surrounding unconditional security.  Details on mans free moral agency, and his responsibility to obtain and keep eternal life promised to Him by God.

    • A survey of the great covenants of Scripture between God and man and British-Israelism.  Includes a historical perspective on the Diaspord of the Jews, and wong principles and purposes of British Israelites and its relevancy to Jewish history.





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